Welcome to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church!  We’re glad you stopped by our website, and we’d be overjoyed to include you in our weekly worship. 

As Christians worshipping the Triune God, we believe that our Father comes to His children in His precious Word (the Bible) and in His special gifts to the Church (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper). Worship is an opportunity to receive forgiveness, to be spiritually nourished and fulfilled, and to sing songs of praise to Him! Our worship blends ancient traditions with a modern understanding of the world in which we live. Come to be uplifted, come to be fed, come to CONNECT in fellowship with brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ as we proclaim the praises of Him who brought us out of darkness and into His marvelous light!

St. Peter’s provides a variety of service times and worship styles for your convenience:

  • Saturday @ 5:00 pm (Blended)
  • Sunday @ 8:00 am (Traditional)
  • Sunday @ 10:30 am (Traditional)
  • Monday @ 7:00 pm (Blended)
  • Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Traditional) -- During Advent and Lent