Pillscom , until the beginning of March in the snow and ice to open the new branches of the willow, this oxcart finally came to the forest valley in the west of the West. On this day, the oxcart turned over a mountain, a pale yellow forest, and a messy tent appeared in front Pillscom of you Gan brother, Yiqu country A young businessman pointed at the woods tent and shouted excitedly. Who is Pillscom Gan brother I d Pillscom like to be more detailed. The red haired businessman in his forties was reprimanded. I am forgotten when I am Pillscom happy, palms The young businessman laughed and slapped himself. The happy th. ing is behind, eager to come Take a break and listen to me and talk about the bottom of the Yiqu country. It should have been said I have done a boring gourd, suffocating Kneeling, while taking a piece of dry meat and a wine bag from Pillscom the cart, came over. The middle aged businessman took the wine bag and pulled out the stopper. He sipped his breath, his big sleeves licked his mouth, and he gasped for a long time. He pointed to the tent in the jungle of the Pillscom river and sl

owly said it Yiqu, an ancient tribe. At the end of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, Yiqu was a large tribe in Xiqiao, and it was also one of the mambo 36 male enhancement reviews few powerful tribes formula 44 male enhancement Pillscom that claimed to be country. At that time, their activity area was in the Mobei grassland, a completely nomadic gras. sland tribe. The Yiqu people are good at fighting and occupy the best river valley grasslands in Mobei. At the end of the Western Weekend, Zhou Youwang was in a state of political disorder and wanted to dethrone the Prince. Shen Hou Shen Pillscom Guo Guojun is the uncle of the Prince, and he secretly contacted Xi Xi to send Pillscom troops to protect the Prince. Xiqiao had always admired the Central Plains. The eight largest tribes, such as Pillscom Huangfa, best men sex male enhancement pills Hongfa, Pillscom Yiqu and Canuqiu, formed a combination of Pillscom 80,000 cavalry and attacked Yujing, claiming to be male enhancement water pump shanghai male enhancement pills eight year old Yasukuni. The gossip cavalry was intended Pillscom to build a great work for the Central Plains royal family. It was satisfied that a new prince and a marginal pasture were obtained from the hands of the ne. w emperor and when he


attacked the capital, he found that the royal army was vulnerable, Pillscom and no one in the Central Plains dared to fight. The ambition was greatly expanded, killing Zhou Youwang, robbing the royal family, and burning the smashing Beijing Among them, the Yiqu cavalry was the most powerful, and was called the cow and the magic channel by the Zhou people. The prince should be angry and shameful, and secretly trudged to the west to ask the Qin people to send troops to Jingjing. The Qin tribes raised their secrets to the east, and the 50,000 cavalry and the 80,000 cavalry launched a bloody battle, killing the gossip cavalry Since then, the Eight Diagrams have formed a bloody sea enmity with the Qin people. In particular, this Yi. qu Pillscom tribe has the most deaths and injuries, and 20,000 has only escaped five thousand and hatred the most. After more than two hundred years, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty weakened, and Pillscom the Xiqiao people began to enter Pillscom the Central Plains again. In the south, the mountain is in the east, the east is in the Pillscom east, the north is in

the north, the west is in the north, and the west is in the middle, and the four sides are shouting and Pillscom killing, and the ocean is surrounded Pillscom by the sea The Yiqu was the most powerful, and it burned all the way to the south bank of the Yellow River. It occupied a wilderness of two or three hundred miles and declared it king. It should be used as the foundation for Pillscom the Pillscom establishment of the Yiqu Country. At this time, Qi Yu. gong united the princes, respected the king, and joined the Central Plains princes nine times, and launched a great battle against the invasion of the Central Plains. When the Yiqu tribe was withdrawn from the west, Qin Mugong, who had just been in the throne, Pillscom led the Qin army to block the retreat. A thrilling bloody battle, dr oz top rated male enhancement pills the Yiqu people were killed and Pillscom only two or three thousand people left to escape. The Yiqu tribe once again formed a bloody sea enmity with the Qin people. Later, in the blue rhino male enhancement reviews Central Plains hegemony, Qin Mugong male enhancement before and after pics did Pillscom enlarging penus his best to calm the West. More raw herbs for male enhancement than one hundred large and small tribes, all defeated by

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