Reading in second grade focuses on building vocabulary and gaining fluency and confidence for independent reading. Students explore a variety of comprehension strategies which will help them relate the stories they read to other literature and their own person experience.   We use phonics to reinforce decoding skills and help students build tools that enable them to sound out more difficult words. Spelling words are selected from phonics and sight words. The Accelerated Reader program is an important part of our reading curriculum.

Grammar and Writing
Students learn more about proper sentence construction.  We explore capitalization, punctuation, and parts of speech. We will integrate those skills as we express ourselves in various types of writing such as narrative, story, writing instructions, writing descriptions, and letter writing. Students will begin to edit and publish in a final form.

Second graders continue to work on memorizing addition and subtraction facts to 18. Students will learn and practice place value, add and subtract two and three digit numbers with regrouping, recognize parts of a whole as fractions, count money and make change, and tell time. Students will also explore geometry concepts, measurement, and different types of graphs and patterns. A major focus is on a variety of problem solving strategies.

Our science curriculum allows for hands-on experiments and demonstrations as we explore units in life, earth, and physical science. We explore growth and development and a healthy life-style through our health units. Our science curriculum is presented through a Christian world view.

This is a time when we learn about God’s Word and how we can apply it to our daily lives. Students will learn Bible truths from both the Old and New Testaments. The children will also be assigned units of memory verses to support the truths taught in our lessons.

Social Studies
Social Studies allows students to explore the world around them. We will study about communities, landforms, the earth’s resources, our country’s early history, jobs and economics, how our government works, and how we can be good citizens. We will learn more about map reading. Major holidays are recognized.

Computers & Technology
Second graders use the computer lab to become familiar with basic computer usage. Computers are used to complete projects suggested in our computer curriculum or to reinforce academics concepts. Computers are used in our classroom to support our Accelerated Reader program.

Music and Art
Creative expression through music and art is taught throughout classroom time. Our music director teaches the music curriculum through biweekly classes. The children have the opportunity to share their talents through our church, chapel and spring musical presentations. Second grade participates in a violin exploratory program. Lessons are available upon request. Children experience a variety of art mediums through class projects and Artist of the Month.