Language Arts
Fifth graders continue practicing their reading skills and adding higher level skills before entering the middle school years. They also develop vocabulary skills on a daily basis and comprehension with the Accelerated Reader program. The understanding of the written language is achieved by using the Shurley Method. One favorite project done in fifth grade is the Family Folklore, a project the family will treasure for years to come.

Students use internet resources, manipulatives, and group activities as they tackle math topics such as place value, multiplication and division, measurement, geometry topics and more.

Science studies include topics from Life, Earth, Space and Technology Sciences. Whether learning about phases of the moon or the components of plant cells, students rediscover the majesty of God as they study His creation.

Social Studies
Fifth graders begin a study of the United States by learning how our country came to be starting with early life to the struggle to form the colonies. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, students will discover how past events are still important today. The 51st State project is a favorite. Geography is stressed throughout the year.

Computers & Technology
St. Peter’s has a lab with 30 computers as well as computers in every classroom. Our computer curriculum includes learning Microsoft Office components such as Word, Excel, Publisher and more. Technology is integrated into various subjects with individual activities and group projects. Keyboarding is stressed in fifth grade.

Religion class provides a daily time to study God’s Word and teachings. Fifth grade focuses primarily on Moses and Old Testament prophets. We also have a unit on Martin Luther taught during October. Our prayer board is a place students can record concerns so classmates are able to pray for them. Each student has opportunities to prepare and lead devotions in the classroom as well as participate in leading chapel worship once a year.

Fine Art
Opportunities for creative expression through music and art are offered in band, choir, strings, classroom music, and art class. Students have weekly music appreciation class. Fifth grade general music is a performance-based and standard assessment class. Like K-4, fifth grade will sing, play instruments, and demonstrate a basic repertoire of music but at a higher level. Occasional quizzes and tests will be given to assess their progress.  Fifth grade also participates in the 5-8 musical that happens every other year in spring. Students will also learn the importance of self-discipline while working in a large group setting. Lessons in art expression via Artish of the Month include working with paint, oil pastels, paper, and other media.