Youth are not only the future of the Church – they are the now of the Church!  We here at St. Peter’s recognize the importance of offering our youth the opportunity to gather regularly for worship, for fellowship, and for fun.  Youth group should be a safe haven where friends can come together, without judgment or ridicule, with leaders who love them as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

At St. Peter’s, our Middle Schoolers are not an afterthought.  Just as we seek to provide a high quality, Christian educational experience for our day school students, so also do we desire to give them – and our public school youth – opportunities for fun and fellowship outside of school.  Our Middle School group (MSYG), meeting each Wednesday in the church gym from 7:00-8:00 pm during STEPS (St. Peter’s Training-Equipping-Preparing-Sending), offers 6th, 7th, and 8th graders a chance to spend time in God’s Word with lessons that apply to real life. 

Youth group isn’t about being entertained, but about being transformed by the love of Christ.  We pray that the Lord would bless our time together to that end.

In addition to regular opportunities to meet and study God’s Word, the youth are always looking forward to service events, fun activities, and even mission trips!  Find out more at our Facebook page.