Apexx Male Enhancement Pill it is not necessary Apexx Male Enhancement Pill to put Apexx Male Enhancement Pill the permanent employment file on the file of the highest professional title. We fully agree that PKU will strictly control the promotion of professors and the more strict the better, but this does not mean that we Apexx Male Enhancement Pill must take lifelong way Employed files also placed in the final file. With Apexx Male Enhancement Pill such a complicated and continuous contract system at Peking University, it is quite reasonable to place this tenured employment contract as the second or third associate of an associate professor. Why is Peking Universitys reform package Apexx Male Enhancement Pill not setting tenured employment at the associate professor level Must be set Apexx Male Enhancement Pill at the professor level Peking Universitys Apexx Male Enhancement Pill reform program did not give any argument, but can be imagined Peking University must answer is that the United States is like that. But the problem is precisely that Peking Universitys reform program is fundamentally different from that of the American university system. The comparison of the U.S. system with the Peking University program now makes it necessary for us to have a look. The Differences between the U.S. System and Peking Universitys Reform Plan The so-called Tenured Profes

sor in the United States is promoted by the Apexx Male Enhancement Pill so-called Tenure tract. The most important feature of this promotion is its conciseness. What is the job of a newly graduated Ph.D as long as the job it finds is a life-long track Tenure Tract Position. The general understanding is that as long as you work hard, you can become a so-called lifelong professor in about seven years, with a mid-term review in the third or fourth hgh drops year and a tenured professor in the seventh Apexx Male Enhancement Pill year or so. rhino 50k male enhancement That is, from the assistant professor quite Peking University now lecturer to the professor this entire process a total of two reviews, about seven years. In contrast, Peking University reform program the Apexx Male Enhancement Pill fastest Apexx Male Enhancement Pill promotion also have to alphamale pills review three times, that lecturers apply for an associate professor, if the smooth promotion, the associate professors Apexx Male Enhancement Pill contract Apexx Male Enhancement Pill is also three years, but only after five years to apply for a Apexx Male Enhancement Pill professor, therefore In the third year, he will apply for the second contract and then apply for professor in the fifth year. However, if the application over the counter ed drugs for a professor male potency drugs fails, he will soon apply for a third contract in Apexx Male Enhancement Pill the sixth year. If the application rea

Apexx Male Enhancement Pill

ches the third contract, he will immediately apply for the second time as a professor. This whole process is complicated enough. Moreover, since the Peking University Program stipulates that lecturers may have two opportunities to apply for an associate professor, we can almost be sure most of Apexx Male Enhancement Pill them will pass the second application for an associate professor if most people are expected to apply for the first time At the same time, an associate professor at Peking Universitys Associate Professor of Program is also entitled to two opportunities. We can equally imagine at least one-half of associate professors going to be assessed for the second time. As a result, if a lecturer passes a second application for an associate professor, if he applies for a professor from an associate professor for the second time Apexx Male Enhancement Pill and then applies for five or six more contracts, how many times will he be the last to be a professor We have not counted, in short, many, many times. Ten, Apexx Male Enhancement Pill Peking University program lack of internal justification To be honest, I really Apexx Male Enhancement Pill do not understand why PKUs reform plan is going to be complicated In Apexx Male Enhancement Pill particular, why not adopt a much more r

easonable and much more concise initial engagement approach to the United States since the beginning of employment, since the first permanent appointment Apexx Male Enhancement Pill has max hard male enhancement been locked in by professors Obviously the way the United States is Apexx Male Enhancement Pill much superior, Peking University Why Apexx Male Enhancement Pill not reference, but why even to design so complicated best proven testosterone booster and unattractive three consecutive years of contract system Peking University program did not say anything about it. At the same time, the differences in costs between the two man up now pills approaches are significant Peking Universitys program is obviously much more heavily charged for the administrative and administration costs that it has to pay for the review nor does Pekings program do anything about Apexx Male Enhancement Pill it Description. Of course, it is worth Apexx Male Enhancement Pill the time and money male enhancement filler bob wife male enhancement spent, but if the effect is not good or even worse, then why On the other hand, if Peking Universitys program must be promoted in such a complicated series of three-year Apexx Male Enhancement Pill contracts for many years, its

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